Expander Technology – An absolute addition to a modern feed mill

“Several scientific studies and proven results at clients such as UFA, Deuka, Fanon, Agravis, Vitelia, Mironovsky and others show that expander technology is an absolute addition to a modern feed mill as a tool to fulfill the wide range of needs at clients to supply different feedstuffs for the different life stages of animals.

Besides traditional meal and pellets, farmers ask for crumbled feed, expanded pelleted feeds and mono-components that have been treated with expander technology for example for use in TMR feeding.

In the fields of nutritional value, digestibility and feed utilization interesting results have been achieved with expander technology in feed for high-yielding dairy cattle, broiler and pigfeed.”

In co-operation with magazine Milling & Grain we wrote an article about Expander technology and Almex. This article give more insight in our expanders and it’s unique features.

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