BOA compactor

The patented pre-compacting technology of our BOA Compactor is a unique alternative for double pelleting or expanding. The Boa Compactors have a double-walled mixing chamber in which steam and liquids are introduced and the mixture is compacted using an hydraulically operated compacting chamber. Generously sized paddles, adjustable in both height and pitch, guarantee a homogeneous mixture and an hygienic process. The mixture is introduced into the compacting chamber where a rotating three-roller head presses this through two conical friction rings. Three hydraulic cylinders accurately assess the adjustable distance (3-45 mm) between the friction rings which, along with the motor power of the main motor, determine the compaction level. The unique combination of mixing chamber and compacting chamber ensures an optimum absorption of steam and liquids, a more homogeneous distribution of the raw materials, a higher pelleting capacity and excellent pellet quality.

Specifications BOA Compactor

  • Improved pellet quality
  • Increased capacity
  • Extreme flexibility in choice of raw materials
  • Optimum absorption of steam and liquids
  • Up to 10% increase of liquid dosing
  • Temperature up to 110° Celsius
  • Homogeneous mixing and distribution of raw materials
  • Hygienic process, easy to clean
  • Low maintenance costs due to minimal wear
  • Robust construction of the housing
  • Simple design
  • Simple operation and integration of existing automation systems
  • Less kWh/Ton with respect to double pelleting or expanding

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Range of BOA compactors



Main motor
(kW max)

Weight incl. motor

500 x 1.500




700 x 1.500