Steam sets

Our steam sets are very suitable to use with our extruders or expanders. Adding steam to the production process for animal feeds improves the compressibility. An increase in the press capacity of 20% is no exception.  the condition of the laying mash, among other things. Steam inactivates micro-organisms while the sensory properties (including aroma, taste and texture) of the product mix are retained. For the production of high-quality (dry) steam – the quality is determined by pressure and temperature – Almex supplies steam lines and steam injection systems on mixers, presses, expanders and compactors. Characteristic of the injection systems is the volume-increasing drainage vessel after the reducing unit in which a steam flash, and thus superheated dry steam, is generated.

Our steam sets are available with a capacity of 150 – 2.500 kg/hr, are easy to install and use relatively little energy.


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  • Better-quality (dry) steam
  • High-temperature steam up to approx. 140° C
  • Higher product temperature because of the dry steam
  • Energy savings regarding the steam boiler
  • Minimum product fouling caused by condensation
  • Easy to install
  • Contributes to increased conditioning of the product