Extruder AXT-Series

Our extruder is developed with many years of experience. All this experience was gathered during the last 50 years. Thanks to the 50 years of experience, Almex is specialist in the extruding/ expanding market. Our machines are modern, efficient and durable.

Extrusion in the manufacturing of animal feed is a thermal  process where starchy and protein based ingredients will be  kneaded and cooked under specific moisture conditions.

Features of Extruder AXT series:

  • Rigid construction
  • Direct drive, incl. cooling
  • High product quality
  • Controllable wear costs
  • Cooling per housing section (4 or 5 sections)
  • Rotatable cutter-head
  • Fine adjustment of blades during production
  • Discharge of extrudate in desired version
  • Easy to maintain, operate and clean
  • Minimization of (necessary) maintenance downtime


Why extrude?

  • To make maximum use of the nutritional values of the raw materials
  • To minimise the effect of any anti nutritional factors
  • To achieve a high-quality constant and consistent end product
  • To realize production within all product-specific guidelines

Almex offers a range of extruders which are used for a wide range of innovative single screw extrusion solutions for different applications.

Almex extruders are used for :

  • Pet food extrusion
  • (Floating) aquafeed extrusion
  • Animal feed extrusion
  • Cereal processing extrusion
  • Densifying
  • Pre-conditioning prior to other processes

Customized applications can be discussed.

The design of the Almex Extruder is characterized by its technical innovativeness, simplicity and practical accessibility. These features have been emphatically present throughout the machine’s design and development process. In addition to the fact that the Almex extruders guarantee years of trouble-free and economical production is the operation and service accessibility characteristic of the Almex design.



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Range of AXT Extruder series

Type Drive (main motor) kW Drive cutter kW Barrel diameter mm Capacity t/h
AXT220-4 250-315 5,5-9,2 220 4,0-9,0
AXT220-5 250-400 5,5-9,2 220 10,0-12,0